Alliance Warfare

Alliance War
Game Introduction
Enjoy and discover a new MMORTS (Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy) game. Set in the richly detailed Land of Endless War, Alliance Warfare offers fun and excitement by completing quests, attacking rival or barbarian cities, creating alliances, expanding your kingdom and building massive armies. Gather resources, research technologies and decide your own style of playing and whether to focus on offense or defense. Learn what it truly means to be a fighter, this land cries out for fearless warriors like you to restore peace or wage war, so put your name on the map.

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1. Build cities and train troops.
Build your cities
train your troops in 5 different facilities
Build ships and sail to any of 4 continents
Hire Generals to lead your army
train your Generals in the arena
Heal your wounded troops
Create or join alliances

2. Education and Knowledge leads to technology.
Build campus buildings
Research all 3 tech trees (Resources, Knowledge and Military)

3. Expand your reach across the land, gather resources and make WAR.
Construct 5 different resource buildings to gather hourly resources
Build NPCs and gain resources by attacking them
Capture Valleys
Expand and build up to 10 cities
Conquer your enemies and defeat rival alliances



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